ECAD is a network for European cities exchanging best practices in substance addiction prevention, treatment and recovery, acting in support of the UN conventions on drugs. ECAD serves the interests of its member cities by offering knowledge and tools for the communities to support their actions and policies, preventing drug use, reducing harm and facilitating recovery.

ECAD was founded in 1994 by Mayors of European cities concerned with illicit drug use and its consequences for their municipalities.

ECAD`s vision is a society free from drugs and our work rests firmly upon the spirit of the UN conventions, which limit the use of narcotic drugs to solely medical and scientific purposes in ECAD’s member cities.

We seek to be a positive force for an ambitious drug policy and aim to reduce both drug availability and demand, as well as the societal and individual impacts of drug-related harm and addiction. Our main goals are to prevent use, improve addicts’ quality of life and decrease the number of deaths due to overdoses of non-medical drug use.

ECAD organizes conferences, projects and education in its member cities, in the UN system and at the EU level.

Since 1994 ECAD have organized Mayors Forums in the following cities.
E C A D   A N N U A L   M A Y O R S’   C O N F E R E N C E S

1994              Stockholm, Sweden
1995              London, England                                                 
1996              Athens, Greece
1997              Paris, France 
1998              Lugano, Switzerland
1999              Valletta, Malta 
2000              Cork, Ireland 
2001              Belfast, Northern Ireland
2002              Reykjavik, Iceland 
2003              Stockholm, Sweden 
2004              Cyprus 
2005              Oslo, Norway 
2006              Vilnius, Lithuania 
2007             Istanbul, Turkey
2008             Warsaw, Poland 
2009             Göteborg, Sweden
2010             Gozo, Malta
2011              Varna, Bulgaria 
2012              Killarney, Ireland 
2013              Moscow, Russia 
2014              Stockholm, Sweden
2015              Swieqi, Malta
2016              Stavanger, Norway
2017              Kaunas, Lithuania