Under the patronage of H.M. Queen Silvia of Sweden

Abbas Deilamizade

Abbas Deilamizade (Mr.), Iran
Chairman, Asian DDR NGOs Association (ADNA)
Managing Director, Rebirth Society (Non-Profit Organization)

Annika Ljung

Chef för Narkotikagruppen på Södermalm, Polisen

Ann-Sofie Hermansson

As Chair of the City Executive Board, City of Gothenburg. Ann-Sofie Hermansson has a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Sociology, from the University of Gothenburg and has held position of local representative, Swedish Social Democrats, in the European Parliament, been a Member of the Chief Guardians’ Committee in Gothenburg and has previously worked as policy advisor to the Social Democrats and policy officer in the Swedish Trade Union Confederation, Stockholm.

Issah Ali

As the executive director of Vision for Alternative Development (VALD) and the Head of Secretariat of the West African Alcohol Policy Alliance (WAAPA), Issah Ali joined development work in 1999 and has over 20 years’ experience in health and other development issues, focusing specifically on reproductive health, tobacco control, alcohol prevention and drug abuse. Issah Ali also has experience within areas of peace building and conflict prevention as well as youth, gender and community empowerment. Issah Ali currently holds a position as board member of the Framework Convention Alliance on Tobacco Control (FCA).

asia ashraf

Asia Ashraf holds a Bachelor in Applied Psychology, Chemistry, and Zoology and Masters in Applied Psychology, from Punjab University, Pakistan. Asia Ashraf is the Director Rehabilitation and Head of Psychology Department at Sunny Trust, Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre. Besides management, program implementation and monitoring, as well as supervision of treatment and rehabilitation, she has created the first ‘Recovery Club’ - A self-help and mutual-help program at Sunny Trust. Under the flagship of Sunny Trust, Asia Ashraf is currently setting up separate, female-friendly treatment and rehabilitation center for women with drug use and mental health disorders.

Bertha Madras

Professor of Psychobiology, Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School

Bob Bushman

President, National Narcotics Officers’ Associations’ Coalition, USA

Boro Goic

Boro Goic lives and works in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.  He has been actively involved in recovery field since 2002.
After successfully completing rehabilitation programme, he worked as a volunteer in one of the major rehab centers based in Croatia. 

Charlotte Colman

Since 2007, prof. dr. Charlotte Colman works is seconded to the research group “Institute for International Research on Criminal Policy” (IRCP) attached to the Department of Criminology, Criminal law and Social law at Ghent University, Belgium.

Dag Endal

Project coordinator in FORUT; a Norwegian development NGO. Specialized in in alcohol and drugs as a development issue. Coordinator of the global civil society network Drug Policy Futures. Founding president of Actis, the Norwegian Alcohol and Drug Policy Alliance.

david best

David Best is Professor of Criminology in the Department of Law and Criminology at Sheffield Hallam University and visiting Associate Professor of Addiction Studies at Monash University, Melbourne.

Deirdre Boyd

For two decades, Deirdre Boyd has been a leader in the field of recovery from addiction, with an international reputation.


MD, psychiatrist-addictologist
Head of the Department of Dual Diagnosis
University Psychiatric Hospital Vrapce - Zagreb, Croatia
Vice President of Board of Health and Social Policy
Croatian Parliament

Judge Peggy Fulton Hora (Ret.) Superior Court of California

Judge Peggy Fulton Hora is the President of the Justice Speakers Institute, LLC.  She retired from the California Superior Court after serving 21 years.  She had a criminal assignment that included presiding over the Drug Treatment Court. 

Justin Luke Riley

Serves as President & CEO of Young People in Recovery (YPR). YPR envisions a world where everyone can access the necessary tools to recover from substance use disorder and associated high-risk behaviors. 

Leena Haraké

Kanslichef, Kvinnoorganisationernas Samarbetsråd i Alkohol- och Narkotikafrågor

Lena Stenberg

Grundare och behandlingsansvarig, Kvinnohemmet Rosen

Sara Woldu

Kriminellas revansch i Samhället


BSc, began his career as a Municipal Chief Executive and worked for more than 20 years in this field.
Since 2009, Sven-Olov Carlsson is the International President of World Federation Against Drugs (WFAD), a multilateral community of non-governmental organizations and individuals. WFAD advocate a balanced and restrictive drug policy based on the UN Conventions.

Thuraya ismail

As a Humanitarian and Social work specialist, Thuraya Ismail holds a Master of Science in International Relations from the London School of Economics and a Bachelor in Political Studies from the America University of Beirut. Thuraya Ismail has over 15 years’ experience in the field of human development in general, and the empowerment of children and youth in particular. Through her different roles, from the United Nation Development Program and the League of Arab States to being Executive Director of Mentor Arabia Foundation, Thuraya Ismail is enlightening the youth regarding the dangers of drugs and risky behavior.  

Kevin Sabet

Dr. Sabet is affiliated with Yale University and is also the Director of the Drug Policy Institute at the University of Florida and an Assistant Professor in the College of Medicine.

Željko Petković, TBC

Univ. spec. crim.,director of the Office for Combating. Drugs Abuse, Government of the Republic of Croatia

Vanda Felbab-Brown

Vanda Felbab-Brown is a senior fellow in the Center for 21st Century Security and Intelligence in the Foreign Policy program at Brookings. 

Viggo Lütcherath, Chair, ECAD

Viggo Lütcherath is 55 years old, medical doctor, specialist in Pediatrics. 

Wadih Maalouf

PhD in Epidemiology and Biostatistics (Mental Health and Drug Addiction Epidemiology), Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.
Held several tasks within UNODC related to reducing drug demand reduction programming.