Monday the 14th of May, 1- 2.30 pm

A. Gender, treatment, recovery

The seminar will discuss gender responsive treatment and recovery processes for women. Women’s substance abuse is more stigmatized and less likely to be acknowledged than men’s.

We know less about the prevalence and patterns of women’s substance abuse and their treatment needs, but we know that women in particular face barriers to treatment. Globally one third of every drug user is a woman but only one out of five in treatment is a woman.

In this session we will learn about research on gender sensitive treatment as well as examples from Sweden and Pakistan, where the first treatment center for women has just opened.

Deirdre Boyd, DB Recovery Resources, UK 
Asia Ashraf, Director Psychology Department, Sunny Trust International Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre, Pakistan
Leena Haraké, Women's Organisations Committee on Alcohol and Drugs, Sweden 

Moderator: Regina Mattsson, Chair, UN Women Gothenburg, Sweden