Tuesday the 15th of May, 10.30- 12.00 am

B. Implementation of the UNGASS outcome document in the global south

The 2016 UNGASS Outcome Document provides a comprehensive menu for the broad, balanced and effective drug policy, based on public health, human rights and the three international drug conventions. Now the challenge is implementation at national and local level.

The Global South has its specific challenges in policy implementation, in particular to link drug policies with development efforts. On the other hand, there are also unique qualities that can be used for mobilizing citizens and communities.

Experienced NGOs and national representatives will discuss challenges and possibilities and present tools used and progress made. They will also present policy recommendations to governments.

Eze Eluchie, Executive Director, People Against Drugs Dependence and Ignorance, Nigeria 
Issah Ali, Executive Director, Vision for Alternative Development, Ghana 
Niklas Martti, Program Manager, IOGT-NTO Movement 
Dr. Victor Okioma, CEO, NACADA, Kenya

Moderator: Dag Endal, Project Coordinator, FORUT, Norway