Tuesday the 15th of May, 1- 2.30 pm

B. Recovery initiated by the criminal justice system

Instead of being an obstacle to recovery, the criminal justice system should become a powerful engine of recovery. Alternatives to incarceration and care after prison are key factors to encourage recovery for people in contact with the criminal justice system.
In this session solution focused courts movements will be highlighted, the Drug Treatment Courts and Hawaii’s Opportunity Probation with Enforcement will be presented. Also Recovery movement will present on how they are working with motivation and coaches in prison setting.

Judge Peggy Fulton Hora, President of the Justice Speakers Insitutte, USA 
Steve Alm, Hawaii's Opportunity Probation wiht Enforcement, USA 
Ali Reunanen, Criminals Return into Society, Sweden 

Moderator: Mike Sabin, former drug enforcement detective, drug policy and education specialist, New Zealand