Tuesday the 15th of May, 1- 2.30 pm

C. Iceland knows how to stop teen substance abuse, but the rest of the world is not listening

On Iceland, substance use levels have decreased consistently for over 20 years to very low figures. The key in Iceland’s success lie in the use of evidence based primary prevention programs that seek to affect a real change in youth behavior, not in their attitudes.
Through a scientific mapping of risk and protective factors in the lives of children and their local communities, tailor-made and consistent action can be taken at local, regional and national level to improve life conditions and the way that children are brought up.
The results are so strong and well documented that the rest of the world is beginning to see that Iceland may be revolutionizing the way we understand prevention and what it can accomplish. Local communities in more than 40 countries are now seeking to implement the model.

Jon Sigfusson, Director Icelandic Centre for Social and Research Analysis

Watch Jon Sigfusson's presentation here

Patricia Ros García, Director Service of Drugs Prevention, City Hall of Tarragona
Adrian Sarbu, Head of Department for the Relation with the Civil Society and other Social Actors from the General Directorate of Social Welfare, Bucharest Municipality

Moderator: Viggo Lütcherath, Chair ECAD