Monday the 14th of May, 1- 2.30 pm

B. International standards on prevention

Prevention of drug use is one of the key provisions of international drug control systems to protect the health and welfare of mankind.

In March 2018 the updated version of the International standards on prevention was presented. The update is done jointly by UNODC and WHO.
The standards were be presented together with examples on implementation of best practices from different parts of the world.

Here you can find a copy of the presentation of Wadih Maalouf, and here is a link to the international standards.

Here you can find a summery of the session. Please note  that the summary drafted during the remarks while presented by the individual at the World Forum Against Drugs. It has not been reviewed or approved by the speaker. It is not to be considered complete. It is for educational purposes and is not to be quoted or cited as a direct source.

Wadih Maalouf, PhD, Programme Office, Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation Section, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime 
Sue Thau, Public Policy Consultant, Community Anti-Drugs Coalitions, USA 

Moderator: Jo Baxter, Executive Director, Drug Free Australia, Vice President WFAD