Monday the 14th of May, 3.15- 4.45 pm

D. Recovery cities

Recovery from drug addiction is possible. While individuals can attempt to overcome their addiction, they can only do so much on their own. After all, recovery is not only about controlling drug use but also requires meaningful activities and positive social networks that foster a sense of self-worth and belonging as well as the hope that change is possible. It also requires a community that is willing to accept that people can recover and reintegrate.

Sheffield Hallam University, Ghent University and the city of Gothenburg in Sweden have started to outline how a recovery city would look like in practice.

Here and here you can find the presentations from the session. 

Here you can find a summery of the session. Please note  that the summary was drafted during the session and  it is intended solely for educational purposes and should not to be used for direct quotations.

David Best, Professor and Head of Criminology, Sheffield Hallam University, UK 
Charlotte Colman, prof. dr.,  University of Ghent